Carpet: soft, luxurious, visually appealing, and packed with benefits

Carpet remains the #1 choice of homeowners. With an extensive color palette and numerous designs, styles, and functional benefits, it's no wonder that you'll want it in your home. Please read further to learn more.

Up-to-date style

We can thank modern technology for making larger color palettes and digital patterning possible. Digital patterning is essential because it eliminates fading and significantly increases vibrancy. When you come into our carpet store in Heber City, UT, you’ll see rolls and rolls, all from different mills, but we’ll simplify the process for you.

Carpet construction

There are three basic constructions: loop, cut-pile, and cut and loop. You will see variations of those three with different fiber heights, textures, features like twists, and more. What you choose will ultimately depend on both your style and needs.

Technology and function

Technology has also played a significant role in the carpet industry, with manufacturers adding extra durability and stain resistance. In addition, some versions address specific needs, such as hypoallergenic, pet-and-kid-friendly, and sustainable. There's something for everyone and every budget.

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Carpet improves indoor air quality

Carpet improves air quality in your home because it acts as an air filter of sorts. Rather than letting pollutants and particles circulate in the air for one to breathe, their fibers trap whatever the vacuum misses. They remain there until scrubbed out with deep, professional cleaning.

Rugs eliminate sound

Because of the cushioning of the carpet, footsteps, beeping devices, and muffled conversations are eliminated. This is an especially significant advantage if you have infants, young children, or shift workers who sleep at odd hours. In addition, more people are working at home, providing a nice, quiet place to concentrate and work.
Luxury carpet in Heber City, UT from Wasatch Back Paint & Floor

Other carpet benefits include:

  • Carpet fits any budget with all the variations; it's easy to find them at different price points.
  • Energy savings because a carpet installation keeps an already heated or chilly room that way.
  • Safety because it has good traction, eliminating slipping and sliding and then providing cushioning to soften any falls.

Let our experts help you find the perfect carpet

We carry top carpet brands from well-known names like Mohawk, Shaw, Tuftex, and more. We also provide superior carpet installation services. Visit the Wasatch Back Paint & Floor showroom in Heber City, UT today to look at samples, and learn more about our products. We will also give you a free quote. We serve Heber City, UT, Park City, UT, Midway, UT, Kamas, UT, && Francis, UT.