Upgrade your home with hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is timeless and adds natural beauty to your home. These floors work with any decor are durable and easy to clean. Read further or stop by today to learn more.

Species style

There are hundreds of hardwood flooring species from which to choose, all with different characteristics. Those features make some better for specific installations than others. For instance, some woods have tighter or more open grains, more or fewer knots.

Hardwood flooring species are domestic or exotic

Domestics are harvested in North America and are warmer and more traditional. Exotics are from locations like South America, Southeast Asia, and Africa are ultra-hard, darker, and very dramatic.

Oak: the ‘king’ of species

Oak is the most commonly chosen domestic hardwood flooring. Designers often say oak will change the face of interior design because it coordinates with almost anything. In addition, oak's light brown color is hard with tight, smooth grain and distinctive texture. Other popular domestics include maple, hickory, and walnut.

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Cost-effective and long-lasting beauty

Unless there's structural damage such as termites, there are no replacement costs. Wood floors have been known to last up to 100 years. When the floors start to look excessively scratched, dull, or worn, sanding and refinishing is all it takes to bring it back to luster. You can have the floors sanded and stained another color if you want a different look.

Wood floors are easy to maintain

Sweep or dust mop regularly so dirt won't embed and clean with a hardwood cleaner periodically. Wipe excess liquid immediately and, other than that, employ some easy, everyday care routines. These include placing mats at entrances, using protective furniture pads to avoid scratching and trimming pet nails.
Hardwood flooring in Heber City, UT from Wasatch Back Paint & Floor

Two versions of hardwood: solid and engineered

Engineered wood flooring could be just what you need if you want both beauty and practicality. You'll have your beautiful oak, maple, or hickory floor with knots, grains, swirls, textures, color variations, and more. However, the difference between solid and engineered is in the construction. Engineered hardwood is layered, which gives it more stability and a better ability to handle water. Both versions have long lifespans, can be sanded and refinished, and add value to a property.

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